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A Day Out in Bourton-on-the-Water, Cotswolds

Bourton-on-the-Water is one of the most scenic villages in the UK and makes for a great spring adventure. We have put together some ideas for you to enjoy a day out in the Cotswold village with family and friends this springtime. Birdland Start your day with a trip to meet...

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Egg chicks at Birdland Park & Gardens

Eggs-perience a Cracking Easter at Birdland

There’s a host of egg-citing Easter events and activities taking place at Birdland throughout the holidays (Friday, April 6th – Sunday, April 28th). As well as Easter trails, quizzes and daily egg-themed talks and shows, the Gloucestershire wildlife attraction is also expecting some egg-stra special new arrivals in their hatchery....

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Mother's Day at Birdland

Birdland’s Top 5 Favourite Feathered Mums Facts

With mother’s Day coming up, the Keepers at Birdland Park and Gardens are celebrating some of the avian world’s finest feathered females. Be sure to join them on Mother’s day weekend (Saturday March 30th – Sunday, March 31st) and find out why some of these mums are so special. Before...

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New Arrivals Bronze winged pigeons

New Arrivals Flock To Birdland

 Here at Birdland keepers are looking after a flock of new arrivals! With spring just around the corner the Bourton-on-the-Water wildlife attraction is welcoming a host of new birds. Among the new feathered arrivals are a female crowned crane, a hamerkop, a male blacksmith plover, a Madagascan teal and a...

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Black Swan at Birdland

Birds Behaving Badly February Half Term

Birdland is staging a ‘Birds Behaving Badly Week’ to celebrate feathered friends over the February Half Term Holidays (16th- 24th February)   From blood-sucking songbirds and puking penguins to stinking storks and spitting swallows, keepers at the Bourton-on-the-Water wildlife attraction will reveal revolting facts about some of the world’s baddest...

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What's On at Birdland Flamingos

What’s On At Birdland 2019

Birdland Park and Gardens, in Bourton-on-the-Water, is home to one of the largest collections of exotic birds in the UK. Read on to find out What's On at the park in 2019!   Located in the heart of the beautiful Cotswolds, the park’s magical combination of wildlife, woodland, riverside and...

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Going Cuckoo For Christmas At Birdland Park and Gardens

Looking for the perfect Christmas present for a bird-loving family member or friend? Birdland Park & Gardens have got some fantastic festive gift ideas that are guaranteed to make them feel happy as a lark. From feeding the king penguins to becoming a bird keeper for the day there’s a...

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King Penguins at Birdland Park & Gardens

Experience A Birds Eye View Of Christmas

Looking for a great way to enjoy a fun Christmas outing? Then why not hop along to Birdland Park & Gardens to greet an array of festive feathered friends. The Bourton-on-the-Water wildlife attraction cares for over 500 birds, ranging from the UK’s only breeding colony of king penguins and awesome...

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10 fun facts about flamingos

The word Flamingo comes from the Spanish and Latin word ‘flamenco’ which mean fire, it refers to the bright colours of the bird’s feathers Flamingo chicks are born grey when hatched Flamingos pink colour is obtained from its diet. Each flamingos’ shade of pink varies by species, with the Caribbean...

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10 fun facts about penguins

Penguins are fascinating, funny and entertaining, and as well as Humboldt, Birdland is home to England's only colony of King Penguins. We thought we'd share these top 10 fun facts about our fuzzy friends.  See how many you already know? The name penguin may have come from the Welsh words...

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