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birdland feeding times & talks

King Penguins at Birdland

11.00 Penguin Feeding Display

The main Penguin Feeding display takes place at 2.30pm but at 11am, there is a smaller feeding display with an informative and fun explanation from one of our penguin experts. Meet the Humboldts & King Penguins as they enjoy their mid-morning brunch!

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11.30 Flamingo Feed

Just why do flamingo’s stand on one leg? Why are their feathers pink? Find out the answers to these questions and lots more fascinating facts at the daily Flamingo Feed

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12.15 Meet the Keeper at Birdland

Meet the Birdland team and ask them any questions you may have about the birds.   Get up close and personal with the feathered residents at Bourton-on-the-Water’s Birdland. Become a perch for a parrot or a landing pad for an owl. Climb inside the tortoise pen and come face to face...

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2.30 Penguin Feeding Display at Birdland

Penguins are fascinating, funny and entertaining, and as well as humboldts, Birdland has England's only group of King Penguins. See them tuck into what they love most, with an informative and fun explanation from one of our penguin experts.

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3.15 Pelican Feed

Meet the Pink-backed Pelican from Africa at Birdland’s Pelican Bay. Well known for their large beaks and a skin pocket/flap designed for catching fish, you can see their amazing beaks in action at the daily feeding display.The Pelican Feeding display stops over the winter season. 

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