Umbrella Cockatoo

Cacatua alba
umbrella cockatoo 742714 1 - Umbrella Cockatoo

The Umbrella Cockatoo is also known as the White Cockatoo.
Cockatoo is the English term for the Malayan word ‘Kokatua’, which was derived from the birds call. Cockatoos are known for their harsh calls and screams, and sometimes for their mimicking. Like some other parrot species they are able to copy a few simple words like Hello, Good-bye etc.
Nesting: All cockatoos will nest inside a hollow trunk or branch of a tree, laying between 1-3 white eggs. The chick will hatch after 30 days incubation and stay in the nest for up to 90 days.
Distribution: Indonesia.
Diet: Seeds and Fruit.

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