Red-fronted Macaw

Ara rubrogenys
Red Front Macaw at Birdland Park & Gardens

There are 17 species of macaw ranging from the smallest, the Red-shouldered Macaw 30cm to the largest Hyacinthine Macaw 100cm.
Most species of macaw are under threat from deforestation and the pet and feather trade. The most critical, and near extinction, must be the Spix’s Macaw which until recently there was only one left in the wild. A captive bird was released to accompany this bird, but unfortunately it bonded with another species.
There are quite a few Spix’s in captivity and it is hoped that they will be bred and eventually result in establishing a new group in the wild.
The last time a Spix’s was seen in the wild was 2000.
Distribution: Bolivia.
Diet: Seeds and fruit.

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