Laughing Thrush

grey breasted laughing thrush 321937 1280 1 - Laughing Thrush
There are approximately 51 species of Laughing Thrushes, all of which have fairly similar habits and diets.
They build similar nests, laying between 2-6 eggs ranging in colour from white or blue to brown and black and some may be speckled or streaked. Incubation of the clutch will be between 12-17 days. They will also generally produce more than one clutch of chicks per year.
The White-throated are not rare but many species are, for the general reasons of habitat destruction or capture for food or pets. We keep five species at present of which two are more threatened in the wild and they are part of a European breeding programme.
Other species at Birdland include the Red-tailed, Red-winged and Black-throated.
Distribution: Central and south-west China, southern Tibet, Himalayas and Taiwan.
Diet: Insects and other invertebrates, fruit, roots and seeds.

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