Grey Peacock Pheasant

Polyplectron bicalcaratum
Grey Peacock Pheasant 17 Small 1 - Grey Peacock Pheasant

The eyes on the feathers, the obvious source for its name, are more pronounced on the male. During a mating display the male holds out his wings, raises his tail and head crest to impress the female.

Like most pheasant species after the female has laid her eggs the male has no further involvement with the female or chicks. Peacock Pheasants usually lay 1-2 eggs which hatch after 21 days incubation. The chicks follow the female sheltering under her tail feathers. When she finds food a certain call will see the chicks rushing forward to feed. The first few days the chicks feed from the females beak, until they can catch insects and crack seeds themselves.

Diet: Seed, fruits, insects and invertebrates.

Distribution: Burma, Thailand and eastern Tibet.

Status in the wild: This species is considered to be of least concern in conservation status.

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