Desert Finch

Rhodopechys obsoleta
Desert Finch CREDIT Grete Howard 1 - Desert Finch

Also known as Black-billed or Lichtenstein’s Finch.
Not necessarily a striking bird, but the pink flashing in the wings has made it quite a popular cage bird which has had adverse effectson its population. Similarly the Linnet in Britain, along with many other British finches were kept in small cages, by the Victorians.
The desert Finch is a relative of the british finches Linnet and Redpoll and like them attains the reddish colouring during the breeding season, for display purposes.
Nesting: They make a tight cup shaped nest woven from grass and lined with feathers, where they lay 5-7eggs.
Distribution: Middle East, northern Pakistan, China, Mongolia, Afghanistan and south-east Turkey.
Diet: Seeds, buds, leaves and insects.

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