Blue and Yellow Macaw

Ara ararauna
Blue & Gold Macaw parrot

There are 17 species of Macaw ranging from the smallest, Red-shouldered Macaw 30cm(1ft) to the largest Hyacinthine Macaw 100cm(3.5ft).
The Blue and Yellow Macaw is one of the more common species and regularly seen as a pet bird, however all species are vulnerable because of habitat destruction, pet trade etc.
The most critical must be the Spix’s Macaw which until recently  there was only one left in the wild. There are a least 20 Spix’s in captivity and it is hoped that they will be bred in sufficient  numbers to consider future introductions.
The Spix’s Macaw was named after Dr.J.B.Spix, who was a German Zoologist (1781-1826).
Distribution: Panama to southern Brazil.
Diet: Seeds and fruit.

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