There are 24 species of Turaco which is a group of fruit eating birds from Africa that inhabit forest areas and they are perfectly designed for this particular habitat. They have short stubby wings for short bursts of flight from tree to tree. They also have quite long legs to assist their habit of running along branches whilst searching for food. We have 5 species on display at Birdland.

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Western Grey Plantain-eater

Crinifer piscator

This species is a resident breeder in open woodland habitats in tropical west Africa. It lays two or three eggs in a tree platform nest.These are common, noisy and conspicuous birds, despite lacking the brilliant colours of relatives such as the Violet Turaco. They are 50 cm long, including a...

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Red Crested Touraco 20 1 150x150 - Red-crested Touraco

Red-crested Touraco

Tauraco erythrolophus

There are 14 different species of Touraco and most have this initial green appearance, but on close inspection have many defining markings, from white pearls on their crests to white scar flashes on the face. This species is obviously named because of its distinctive red head. Although they fly quite...

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