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Finches & More

Finches, Starlings, Thrushes and Jays

Birdland is home to a large representation of these birds whose diets include fruit, insects, meat and seed. Delicate members of the group can be found in the Temperate and Desert House.

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Red-Winged Starling

Onychognathus mori

Nesting: There is a variation in the type of nest construction, depending on where they choose to nest. Some will nest in tree hollows, which is lined sparsely. Whereas others will build an external nest which is a larger construction and will involve mud to hold the nest together. Usually...

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grey breasted laughing thrush 321937 1280 1 150x150 - Laughing Thrush

Laughing Thrush

There are approximately 51 species of Laughing Thrushes, all of which have fairly similar habits and diets. They build similar nests, laying between 2-6 eggs ranging in colour from white or blue to brown and black and some may be speckled or streaked. Incubation of the clutch will be between...

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White-Tailed Jay

Cyanocorax mystacalis

The White-tailed Jay Also known as the Moustached jay. Live in thick growth forests in South West Ecuador to North West Peru, near water and spend the majority of their time high in the trees. Members of the Crow family and many similarities can be drawn from the British Jays...

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