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King Penguins in lockdown

King Penguins Keep Themselves Entertained in Lockdown

Despite a lack of visitors, England’s only breeding colony of king penguins appears unruffled as they get on with life during lockdown at Birdland Park & Gardens in the Cotswolds. Apart from their leading role in weekly online feeding times, the famously flightless birds appear to be taking self-isolating in...

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Pink Backed Pelican facts at Birdland

Pelican Facts

This week we are going to be learning about the Pink-Backed Pelican species we look after at Birdland as well as some totally awesome pelican facts! There are eight species of Pelican in the wild and they primarily inhabit warm regions within Australia, the Americas and Canada. The Pink-Backed Pelican...

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Flamingo Facts at Birdland

Flamingo Facts

This week we are focussing on our pink friends, the Flamingos! In this blog, you can learn some cool flamingo facts and make yourself a feathered friend at home. Birdland Park & Gardens are home to two species of Flamingo, with both living on the River Windrush which winds its...

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Dinosaur Facts at Birdland

‘Roar’some Dinosaur Facts

This week we are walking with dinosaurs in own Jurassic Journey area to discover some fierce dinosaur facts. Dinosaurs ruled the Earth for over 160 million years! They started at the Triassic period which was around 230 million years ago. Then they thrived through the Jurassic period and up until...

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spectacled Owls

Have a hoot with these Owl Facts

This week we are looking into one of the wiser bird species, the Owl. Read this blog post for lots of interesting owl facts which might just help you win the next online family quiz! What do Owls eat? Their diets depends largely on the species of owl but generally...

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Parrots Facts at Birdland Park & Gardens

Learn Some Fun Parrot Facts

This week we are going to explore the colourful world of Parrots. At Birdland Park & Gardens you can come face to face with 16 species of this brainy bird but in the wild, there are around 372 different species! Learn more parrot facts below. Where do they live? Parrots...

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Egg Carton Penguin crafts

Our Favourite Penguin Crafts for World Penguin Day

Celebrated on the 25th April annually is World Penguin Day! Unfortunately, this year you cannot see our amazing King Penguins and comical Humboldt’s at the Park, however, our team have put together some cute and creative penguin crafts so that you can make a huddle of Penguins at home! Penguin...

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Spike the Penguin at Birdland Park & Gardens

Celebrity Penguin Goes Viral During Lockdown

Birdland offers ‘virtual visits’ during lockdown with a series of talks including the two species of resident Penguin. However one of the biggest attractions is proving to be Birdland’s celebrity king penguin Spike. Since lockdown, videos of Spike’s antics at the Bourton-on-the-water attraction, have received more than 25,000 views on...

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Live streamed keeper talks at Birdland

Live Streamed Keeper Talks at Birdland

Our head keeper Alistair Keen is keeping audiences informed and entertained over on our Facebook page with weekly live-streamed videos on different topics and showcasing some of our amazing birds. Get comfy and enjoy Birdland Park & Gardens virtually. Catch up on the series so far with our past broadcasts:...

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DSC 0014 710x335 - Early Easter Egg Surprise For Birdland Keepers

Early Easter Egg Surprise For Birdland Keepers

Despite the lack of visitors, keepers at Birdland Park & Gardens are being kept busy with the arrival of a clutch of rare eggs. The Bourton-on-the-Water wildlife attraction’s rarest residents the Edwards’s pheasant, which is critically endangered, has laid eggs. Staff are hoping the eggs are viable and are cautiously...

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