13/12/2013 – It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

IMG 5476 Small1 1 - 13/12/2013 - It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It’s been a fairly quiet week this week, with not a great deal to report.
We have had a bit of a swap around with some of the birds where some of the new birds have finished their period of quarantine. The 7 new Avocets have been moved to the aviary beside the penguin enclosure to join a pair that were already there. The pair from the Turtle Dove aviary (opposite the Greater Flamingos) has also moved to this aviary giving us a nice group of 11 birds. If they settle in well over the winter we will hopefully get them breeding which will be a first for the time that I have been here.
The pair of Ruff who was in the aviary beside the penguins have been moved to create some space. They are now in the Turtle Dove aviary along with another male and the 3 Redshank.
We have moved the two female Ross’ Geese off show as one is looking a little scruffy. The birds are under close watch and are on a course of antibiotics. We are not sure of the cause of the scruffiness but it may have been some hassle from one of the Cranes in the Ibis aviary, although nothing has been seen.
Work is ongoing to build a new Rhea enclosure. We have 3 Emu arriving in the near future and the plan is for them to go where the Rhea currently occupy, and the Rhea to move to a new enclosure between the White Stork/Stanley Crane paddock and the nature reserve. Simon and John have been clearing and burning branches all week and a fence and shed will go up shortly.
IMG 5536 Small 150x150 - 13/12/2013 - It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
Other new birds to hopefully arrive in the next few weeks may (I stress may) some Pink Backed Pelicans, Little Egret, Cattle Egret, another Coscoroba Swan, Fulvous Tree Duck and female Crowned Crane.
I’m also in negotiations to bring in some new Humboldt’s and we may have some lined up from the CzechRepublic, although this is to be confirmed. I have also offered to join the committee for the Humboldt Penguin European Endangered species Programme. This group produces guidelines for husbandry and breeding and makes recommendations for movement of their given species between European Zoos. The Humboldt EEP is the 11th largest programme in the world and I feel it would be a great thing to get involved with.
We are also counting down to Christmas. I’ve been trying to come up with a 12 birds of Christmas theme for our Facebook & Twitter pages so keep an eye out for those, although some of them will be incredibly tedious!!
Don’t forget if you are still struggling for Christmas Inspiration we do Penguin Feeding & Keeper for the Day Experiences as well as bird adoptions. Just head to the website
Wildlife wise highlights this week have been Willow Tit and a large group of Long Tailed Tit. The mini-mumuration of Starlings has got up to roughly 100 birds and the Kingfisher continues to show well
IMG 5476 Small1 150x150 - 13/12/2013 - It's beginning to look a lot like ChristmasWillow Tit
IMG 5549 Small1 150x150 - 13/12/2013 - It's beginning to look a lot like ChristmasStarlings
Next week blog will be the last one before Christmas so I will be writing about how we prepare for the Big Day and what Chris & myself will be doing at work on the 25th
Thanks for the read

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